K-1 Grand Prix: Musashi vs. Mirko CroCop – 1999 FINAL

K-1 Grand Prix: Musashi vs. Mirko CroCop - 1999 FINAL

We don’t make distinctions here between K-1, MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, etc. Sure its called “Cool MMA Videos” but for us a good fight is a good fight. And we assume that the people watching these vids are fight-educated enough to know styles, leagues, fighters, etc.  That said – this is a good fight. A classic fight between two bangers – Mirko Crocop and Musashi in a K-1 Grand Prix bout from 1999.

Crocop takes charge of this fight from the get-go and thrashed Musashi. Its a little surprising how ‘sensative’ Musashi is. For a K-1 fighter you’d think he’d suck it up a bit more. No matter, really. This fight is proof why Crocop is Crocop. He dominates and he wins. End of story. Beginning of legend.

Fedor Emelianenko vs Hong Man Choi

Fedor Emelianenko vs Hong Man Choi

First off, Fedor Emelianenko is a big guy. So when you see him in this MMA fight against Hong Man Choi, and he appears alot smaller than Hong Man Choi – then you realize how effing big Hong Man Choi is. And how the heck do you defeat a goliath? Well, you do what Fedor did and grab a limb.

Look at Fedor’s face though – he has to eat quite a few of those canned hams thrown at him before he can snag an arm and the win.

This is another in the long series of mixed martial arts fights that made Fedor the MMA legend that he is. He is such a badass.

Victor “Joe Boxer” Valenzuela vs Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett

Victor "Joe Boxer" Valenzuela vs Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett

Another classic performance by Charles Krazy Horse Bennett where he scrambles, throws wildly but unfortunately gets caught by an opponent who isn’t interested in clowning in the cage. Bennett fought the way he fought because of his own personal demons – not because it was effective. Entertaining? Effing right, he was entertaining. For a guy who never even came close to having a belt, he’s got more highlight reel footage of him floating around mixed martial arts than any other MMA fighter out there.

Valenzuela got a nice win here, but then what happened? Do you hear about Victor Valenzuela anymore? No. But you will hear and see MMA fights with Charles Krazy Horse Bennett for years to come. And love him or hate him, Bennett’s the one with the legacy.

Mount Escape Lesson by MMA Candy

MMA Mount Escape Lesson by MMA Candy

Yes, we could be schooled in MMA all day this way, if only there were thousands more videos just like this one. The fine fighting women at MMA Candy are doing us all a great service by teaching us how to escape when mounted.

That’s an important move to master in mixed martial arts. However, whether I was top or bottom in this mounting situation with either one of these professional MMA instructors, I can’t say that escaping would be the priority.

Charles Krazy Horse Bennet vs Urijah Faber

Crazy Horse Bennet vs Urijah Faber in King of the Cage

King of the Cage and other MMA fight organizations like it are where the champions of tomorrow get their start. Case in point, Urijah Faber’s fight here against Charles Krazy Horse Bennet. And its always interesting to see that the style of the fighter doesn’t change that much from when they start out in their career to when they’ve got a belt and fought in the big shows.

Krazy Horse Bennet never failed to entertain when he got in the cage. Problem was – he was nuts, in the cage and in his life. As a result, he had a few brushed with the law and some tough times. Too bad really because fans love that kind of character – a fighter who will leave it all in the cage no matter what. Bennet had skills, no doubt.

Those small, local shows are what MMA is built on.

The Science Behind the Knockout

How to Knock Out a Fighter in MMA

Of course after a weekend of fights where knockouts have occurred, everyone starts going on about how weak the knockout-ee’s chin was, how the knockout-er threw the killer punch, blah, blah, blah. If everyone’s such an expert, then explain what actually happened.

Well, now someone has. From a National Geographic program on the actual science of fighting, there’s a video clip on what happens when you get knocked out. Fun stuff, really.

So what matters in getting a knockout? Technique first. Then mass.

Dust off your kinetics. Start with your footwork. Then practice, practice, practice. Throw, throw, throw. And after 10,000 hits, it’ll be there.

Tachi Palace Fights 7 – John Alessio vs Phil Collins

Tachi Palace Fights 7 - John Alessio vs Phil Collins

The crowd got a bit restless in this one – and rightly so. For a few moments it turned into a “stand and stare”. But give Phil Collins [no, not that Phil Collins] credit for constantly banging away at John Alessio – keeping him at distance and catching him every now and then.

Tachi Palace put on a solid card of fights. Hats off to them.

But it’s Alessio’s left out of nowhere that makes this end. We had to watch the replay because we never saw it the first time. Good work and good win.

Tachi Palace Fights 7 – Micah Miller vs Isaac DeJesus

Tachi Palace Fights 7 - Micah Miller vs Isaac DeJesus

This a good grinder with both guys scrambling for position, fighting for the angles. Both fighters working their ‘joe jitsu’. Yup, this one is worth watching [worth posting!] for sure.

Micah Miller is impressive. He was patient and always kept working. Good thing the ref understands the fight game otherwise he might have done something stupid like stand them up – when both fighters were working it out on the ground.

DeJesus is no slouch. Haven’t seen much of this fighter, but we want to see more. He’s now on the radar.

Tachi Palace Fights 7 – Jorge Oliveira vs James Irvin

Tachi Palace Fights 7 - Jorge Oliveira vs James Irvin

For the life of us, we can’t figure out why James Irvin hesitates after he throws the right at Jorge Oliveira. He, well, lingers – hesitates – thinks about it for a second too long and whamo! He’s screwed.

James Irvin came on the MMA scene a few years back, hit a few guys in the UFC and looked like he had promise. But something happened and no one really knows what – but his potential was never realized.

The mental game is the hardest but it’s also the one that pays off – inside the cage and inside of life.

Whatever the issues, we’d like to see Irvin crack at it a couple more times. And congrats to Oliveira. Nice way to win.

Tachi Palace Fights 7 – Seth Baczynski vs Tim McKenzie

Tachi Palace Fights 7 - Seth Baczynski vs Tim McKenzie

Wow. These guys are all action from the get-go and don’t let up until one of them is sleeping. Good fight. Solid back and forth. These guys are trading like eBay.

Great to see two fighters who are serious about their work – putting on a competitive, entertaining fight. Congrats to both Seth Baczynski and Tim McKenzie. Too bad there had to be a loser in this one.

Ultimate Fighter : The Aftermath and TUF 12 Finale

Ultimate Fighter: The Aftermath and TUF 12 Final

Dave Camarillo, John Danaher and TUF 6 winner Mac Danzig talk with Stephan Bonnar to review the final show of the Ultimate Fighter and previewing the finale on Saturday, December 4.

Jonathan Brookins has been the outstanding fighter in season 12 of TUF. It’s really no surprise that he’s in the final. Michael Johnson is a gamer – he’s a good choice to have in the final because of his heart and his athleticism. Their fight in the finale will be entertaining but it’ll be Brookins who walks away with the contract.

An interesting side note to this episode was when everyone got to comment on Stephan Bonnar’s upcoming match with Igor Pokrajac- it was John Danaher who asked Bonnar about whether he sees himself as an athlete or an entertainer in this sport. Bonnar said that he’s always seen himself as a fighter and Mac commented that it’s Bonnar’s spirit that makes his fights entertaining.

In MMA, spirit = entertainment. And maybe that’s a statistic that needs to be tracked when it comes to fight analysis.

Erick Silva vs Julian Jabá

Erick Silva vs Julian Jabá

This fight was brought to our attention by Leland Roling at Bloody Elbow who is doing a great job of putting out solid scouting reports on MMA fighters from around the world. These are the kind of fighters you’ll see [hopefully] coming up through the ranks over the next couple of years.

So watch out for their names – this fighter is Erick Silva, he’s out of Brazil and fights welterweight. He throws a terrific body slam at about 45 seconds in the video and finishes with a solid knockout. That’s exciting stuff. That’s the kind of fighter we need alot more of in mixed martial arts.

So which organization in MMA will give him a shot?