Kimbo Slice Knocked Out by Seth Petruzelli – Full Video

This really was a classic moment in MMA history and the evolvement of the sport. Kimbo Slice, web-famous street fighter goes up against Seth Petruzelli, a perennial contender and standard MMA fighter go-to-guy when a card spot needs to be filled, in a fight league run by stock market scammers who took Elite XC public with alot of fan-fare and made out like bandits, on a broadcast network that still to this day doesn’t understand MMA, MMA fans or how the fight game works.

And Kimbo the main card draw gets knocked out by a nobody in 14 seconds. What a mess. What a defining moment. And how absolutely fitting for the entire circus sideshow of that event.

Elite XC, like Bodog, like alot of others, never knew what to do in MMA. And neither did Kimbo.

The MMA Fight Debut of Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar’s MMA fight debut against Min Soo Kim at Dynamite USA. Sure they put him in with ‘softer’ competition, but Lesnar was Lesnar right from the get-go. He gets Kim to the ground and then starts dropping those ‘canned hams’, as Randy Couture once called his fists.

Brock dominates. Brock wins. But Brock is rarely tested in the sport of MMA. When he does meet someone with real fighting skills, Brock Lesnar loses. Who knows what’s in store for Brock Lesnar, but he’ll hang around mixed martial arts for a while yet.

MMA FIX – Wanderlei Silva

RawVegas speaks with Wanderlei Silva at his home gym, Xtreme Couture, amidst the controversy surrounding the UFC and Randy Couture. ┬áThis is an old school clip from back in the day when Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture and the UFC were going thru a rocky part of their relationship. And Wanderlei – he had the perspective. He knew that everyone would come back around eventually and work things out.

That’s why Wanderlei Silva is one of the most beloved fighters in all of MMA – he’s human. That’s a bizarre comment on a fighter who was known as the ‘Ax Murderer’ when he fought in Pride FC in Japan, but its true. Wanderlei is a wise fighter. He’s been in all the battles and he’s seen what really happens between people.

And yes, he’s a legend – so he’s on our “gotta getta foto with him” list.

MMA – The Knockouts of 2009, Vol.1

Who doesn’t love knockouts? Its the crowing achievement in a fight. Its a badge of honor sported by fighters everywhere when they brag about their records. And the fans – the MMA fans- go absolutely wild when they see a great knockout happen right in front of their own eyes, in a cage, anywhere.

This is a stunning compilation of MMA knockouts for 2009. Caposa did a heckova job putting this one together. Its one of those videos that you can watch again and again, and see something new each time. Very cool.

Georges St. Pierre vs Ivan Menjivar – The First MMA Fight of GSP

Georges St. Pierre vs Ivan Menjivar at UCC 7 Bad Boyz January 25, 2002, in Montreal, Quebec. It was the first MMA fight for GSP, and even then he looked good. Great striking, good action. He even man-handled Menjivar, out wrestling the wrestler a few times. Not hard to see that even in the early stages of his career he had taken the approach of working with his opponent’s strengths.

The stoppage sucked. The ref just didn’t know what was going on and he listened to the fighters instead of following the action. But its an entertaining bout and a solid MMA debut for GSP.