Cain Velasquez – The New UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World – on ESPN

Cain Velasquez on ESPN after UFC 121

Cain Velasquez is just a smarter fighter than Brock Lesnar. That’s really it. Brock came out aggressive and was counting on his size to dominate. But we agree with Cain that when he [Cain] shook off that first assault by Brock, he regained his composure and got back to his game – and won.

Yes, UFC should take the next heavyweight title fight – Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos – to Mexico City. That would be very cool.

Gotta love the humility of Cain Velasquez. He knows that as the UFC Heavyweight Champion he’s got a target on his back now.

And he had a great win – a great win for himself, for the UFC and for the sport of MMA.