David Flores vs Chris Everett – Extreme MMA 3

This match is a variant on the unified rules of MMA. The guys at CACSC [Canadian Amateur Combat Sports Council] have instituted a “30 second ground rule”, meaning that as soon as the fight goes to the ground, it can only stay there a maximum of 30 seconds before the Referee steps in and stands the fighters back up.

They claim that this makes the fights more fan friendly because it avoids the “lay and pray” wrestling style fighting and keeps the action going more in the standup. We won’t debate that. Alot of fans want better action fights and this rule [as you can see in the video] keeps things moving along, keeps the crowd into the fight.

There have been quite a few grumblings lately about the scoring system in MMA, the judges and the refereeing. Bottom line is that this sport is not done developing yet. Mixed martial arts still has to do some tweaking. Heard a comment from one promoter that claimed that this kind of fighting wasn’t MMA. He’s wrong. It is MMA. It’s just that MMA is still so young as a sport that it hasn’t defined itself fully yet.

Just give it another 10 years.