Joe Rogan Breaks Down UFC 122: Marquardt vs Okami

Joe Rogan on UFC 122 : Marquardt vs Okami

We agree with Joe Rogan that Nate ‘The Great’ Marquardt has the striking ability to turn anyone’s lights out with just one punch. But we don’t see Yushin Okami to be as big a threat as Rogan makes him out to be. Yes, his striking has improved and yes, he’s a solid fighter. But Marquardt can almost taste the title shot and will be gunning to finish this fight early and decisively.

The UFC couldn’t be happier about it either. They desperately need another contender to take on Anderson Silva – and Nate is their anoited man.

We see this fight NOT going past 2 rounds, with Nate Marquardt knocking out Yushin Okami.