Jon Fitch vs George Ortiz – MMA Mexico

Its December 2004 in Juarez, Mexico and Jon Fitch is fighting in an eight-man MMA tournament. This is his second fight of the night against a fighter named “The Naked Man” George Ortiz.

You can tell how the style of Jon Fitch has evolved over the years by watching this. Mostly wrestling, mostly takedowns with just hte beginnings of some good striking. If you like watching Fitch fight, you’ll like this one.

The corner of Fitch keeps complaining when the ref stands them up, but that’s part of the game everywhere. In fact, we don’t know why no one has made that a factor in fights – an assessment of the referee style as well as the fighters. Because it does effect the outcome of fights. Same with the judges and their scoring. We’d like to see alot more stats and details on these people when it comes to watching MMA.