Ken Shamrock vs Jonathan Ivey at USA MMA

This “stand ‘n stare” never made it to air – and for good reason. Nothing, we mean nothing, happened. The only bit of entertainment in the entire 3 rounds came near the end when Ivey does his patented ‘ninja roll’ to get away from danger. Somehow reminded me of a baker making dinner buns.

What the heck is Ken Shamrock doing?! He’s annihilating any legitimacy he has left in MMA. And beyond that, his legacy and what he did for the sport is just getting ruined by these crappy, crappy fights. He has become the embodiment of pathos – those fighters who carried their careers on too long to become jokes of the sport. Soon he’ll be cutting ribbons at mall openings.

OK, OK – so why are we posting this? Its all a rollercoaster, baby. And because the down slide is the other side of the up ride.