Kimbo Slice Knocked Out by Seth Petruzelli – Full Video

This really was a classic moment in MMA history and the evolvement of the sport. Kimbo Slice, web-famous street fighter goes up against Seth Petruzelli, a perennial contender and standard MMA fighter go-to-guy when a card spot needs to be filled, in a fight league run by stock market scammers who took Elite XC public with alot of fan-fare and made out like bandits, on a broadcast network that still to this day doesn’t understand MMA, MMA fans or how the fight game works.

And Kimbo the main card draw gets knocked out by a nobody in 14 seconds. What a mess. What a defining moment. And how absolutely fitting for the entire circus sideshow of that event.

Elite XC, like Bodog, like alot of others, never knew what to do in MMA. And neither did Kimbo.