Michelle Waterson vs Female Bully in Bully Beatdown Season 3

Hey Hottie! Here comes the pain!

This series just gets better and better and better.

This time Jason Mayhem Miller brings out “The Karate Hottie” Michelle Waterson to kick the ass of a female bully. The See-You-Next-Tuesday bully known as Amanda is a cliche: beautiful, spoiled, bitchy. But if you’ve ever seen Michelle Waterson fight, then you already know how this one ends.

Damn this show is crazy addictive. Sure, its the same formula, the same build up and pretty much the same outcome every time – but you just want to hang out and watch the train wreck happen. And happen it does. To her credit, Amanda takes it for as long as she can – she’s tough. But with Waterson banging away at her legs, its only a matter of time before she’s had enough.

The apology at the end is worth watching. Best acting of sincere insincerity, ever.