The 20 Second Capoeira Knockout

Capoeira Knockout

Sure it’s not on the highly-skilled, professionally competative level that you might find in the biggest MMA organizations, but this capoeira knockout works just the same for the crowd.  And in 20 seconds. And it’s a total “lights-out” and yell “timber!” for the unsuspecting opponent. Impressive.

As a fighter, we don’t think you’d want to completely rely on capoeira to take you up the MMA competition ladder. Capoeira is just another skill set that any MMA fighter would want to have in his tool belt. The fighting art is beautiful to watch and maybe its distraction is a factor in its effectiveness. It certainly was in this fight.

We’d like to see an all capoeira card, 8-man tournament style. 1 night. 8 fighters. And at the end, 1 king of capoeira crowned. That would be interesting.