Ultimate Fighter : The Aftermath and TUF 12 Finale

Ultimate Fighter: The Aftermath and TUF 12 Final

Dave Camarillo, John Danaher and TUF 6 winner Mac Danzig talk with Stephan Bonnar to review the final show of the Ultimate Fighter and previewing the finale on Saturday, December 4.

Jonathan Brookins has been the outstanding fighter in season 12 of TUF. It’s really no surprise that he’s in the final. Michael Johnson is a gamer – he’s a good choice to have in the final because of his heart and his athleticism. Their fight in the finale will be entertaining but it’ll be Brookins who walks away with the contract.

An interesting side note to this episode was when everyone got to comment on Stephan Bonnar’s upcoming match with Igor Pokrajac- it was John Danaher who asked Bonnar about whether he sees himself as an athlete or an entertainer in this sport. Bonnar said that he’s always seen himself as a fighter and Mac commented that it’s Bonnar’s spirit that makes his fights entertaining.

In MMA, spirit = entertainment. And maybe that’s a statistic that needs to be tracked when it comes to fight analysis.