Ultimate Fighter: The Aftermath, November 10, 2010

Ultimate Fighter : The Aftermath November 10, 2010

Wrapping up another episode of the Ultimate Fighter, on this week’s “The Aftermath” Stephan Bonnar talks with Nam Pham, Cody McKenzie and Jonathan Brookins about the fights and what was going on in the house.

These 3 guys – Nam Phan, Brookins and McKenzie – have definitely endeared themselves to MMA fans by keeping it real and keeping it personal. There’s just not alot of bullshit with these guys. They know that they were there to fight, to better themselves, and to advance their careers in the sport of mixed martial arts – in or out of the UFC.

Bizarrely you could say that they all had a good head on their shoulders in spite of their varied perspectives. Its always good to see fighters who have a maturity about them. Those are the kind of guys you hope to see again and again, if for nothing else but to check out their progression as competitors and as human beings.

And we also want a “Nam Phan for Mayor” t-shirt like the one Brookins was wearing. Too cool.