Warning : Winning, Puking MMA Fighter

Edar Jones, puking MMA fighter

This MMA fighter just couldn’t hold his excitement in – really. It literally comes spilling out of him before his hand is held up in victory and after. So much for the pre-fight energy drink. This could’ve been part of his weight loss regime if he had done this BEFORE the weigh-in.

“Bring me a bucket. I think I’m gonna puke.” – that was Mr. Creasote. Should’ve been this guy.

Well, at least he’s on the highlight reels forever. MMA fighter Edar Jones, you are now immortal.

Michelle Waterson vs Female Bully in Bully Beatdown Season 3

Hey Hottie! Here comes the pain!

This series just gets better and better and better.

This time Jason Mayhem Miller brings out “The Karate Hottie” Michelle Waterson to kick the ass of a female bully. The See-You-Next-Tuesday bully known as Amanda is a cliche: beautiful, spoiled, bitchy. But if you’ve ever seen Michelle Waterson fight, then you already know how this one ends.

Damn this show is crazy addictive. Sure, its the same formula, the same build up and pretty much the same outcome every time – but you just want to hang out and watch the train wreck happen. And happen it does. To her credit, Amanda takes it for as long as she can – she’s tough. But with Waterson banging away at her legs, its only a matter of time before she’s had enough.

The apology at the end is worth watching. Best acting of sincere insincerity, ever.

The 20 Second Capoeira Knockout

Capoeira Knockout

Sure it’s not on the highly-skilled, professionally competative level that you might find in the biggest MMA organizations, but this capoeira knockout works just the same for the crowd. ¬†And in 20 seconds. And it’s a total “lights-out” and yell “timber!” for the unsuspecting opponent. Impressive.

As a fighter, we don’t think you’d want to completely rely on capoeira to take you up the MMA competition ladder. Capoeira is just another skill set that any MMA fighter would want to have in his tool belt. The fighting art is beautiful to watch and maybe its distraction is a factor in its effectiveness. It certainly was in this fight.

We’d like to see an all capoeira card, 8-man tournament style. 1 night. 8 fighters. And at the end, 1 king of capoeira crowned. That would be interesting.

Funny MMA Fighting Moments

Funny MMA Fighting Moments

How can you not love Krazy Horse? That’s the guy who was talking to the camera while he’s receiving instructions from the referee. And he’s the same guy who’s trying make time with the award girl in the ring right after the fight. The man has the moves – no doubt.

Mixed martial arts is not without its characters, its personalities, its nutjobs. But hey, that’s the kind of flavor that makes every sport around the world entertaining. If we don’t have the extremes, then we don’t know where the balance is.

We’re fans of the whackjobs, the nutbars, the kooks. Say what you want but guys like Jason Mayhem Miller put on a show and entertain the crowd – and they love him for it. A little showmanship never hurt anyone.

Bellator Season 3 Recap

Bellator MMA Season 3 Recap

Yes, there were some exciting fights in Bellator’s third season on the air – but we had a hard time finding them, let alone following them and knowing who was fighting who for what. That’s an issue with Bellator MMA; no one really knows the matches until its too late.

Eddie Alvarez just destroyed Roger Huerta. And we saw Alexander Shlemenko fight a couple of times by accident – and he’s an exciting, entertaining fighter. Outside of that, we couldn’t tell you who beat who for what even if you put a gun to our head.

Bellator absolutely must figure out a better way to get their stories about their MMA fights out there into the broader media. Otherwise they are going to fade into the background, permanently.

David Flores vs Chris Everett – Extreme MMA 3

David Flores vs Chris Everett - Extreme MMA 3

This match is a variant on the unified rules of MMA. The guys at CACSC [Canadian Amateur Combat Sports Council] have instituted a “30 second ground rule”, meaning that as soon as the fight goes to the ground, it can only stay there a maximum of 30 seconds before the Referee steps in and stands the fighters back up.

They claim that this makes the fights more fan friendly because it avoids the “lay and pray” wrestling style fighting and keeps the action going more in the standup. We won’t debate that. Alot of fans want better action fights and this rule [as you can see in the video] keeps things moving along, keeps the crowd into the fight.

There have been quite a few grumblings lately about the scoring system in MMA, the judges and the refereeing. Bottom line is that this sport is not done developing yet. Mixed martial arts still has to do some tweaking. Heard a comment from one promoter that claimed that this kind of fighting wasn’t MMA. He’s wrong. It is MMA. It’s just that MMA is still so young as a sport that it hasn’t defined itself fully yet.

Just give it another 10 years.

ESPN – This is SportsCenter with GSP

ESPN - This is SportsCenter with GSP

Georges St. Pierre will have a long career in MMA and probably an even longer career outside of MMA as a movie star. Don’t laugh – just watch.

The guy has just enough accent to make him endearing and he can kick everyone’s ass. Jean-Claude Van Damme proved that those two skills alone are all you need to crank out 20 years worth of B-flix. And of course, GSP would have to be the good guy. Nobody would accept him as a the heavy.

On the other hand, his next month’s rival – Josh Koscheck – loves to play the spoiler. Problem is, no one likes him.

Alistair Overeem : Big in Japan

Alistair Overeem - The Reem, Episode 10: Big in Japan

The Reem documentary has been unfolding online for a while now – this is Episode 10. And its been surprisingly fascinating following Alistair Overeem around the world, through promotional tours and in his daily life.

The Japanese seem to be particularly enamored with Alistair. The man walks around that country as a giant and they love him for it. Typically Japanese. And yes, we would’ve liked to have seen Overeem hit the pads that some little Japanese show host was sporting, readying herself to feel his power. Ooooooooooooo.

Dammit! We just cannot wait to see Alistair in K-1 action next month. The guy needs to be swept up into the UFC where he can put his skills on display on a regular basis.

Uh huh. That’s right. We’re fans of The Reem.

Jon Fitch vs George Ortiz – MMA Mexico

Jon Fitch vs George Ortiz - MMA Mexico

Its December 2004 in Juarez, Mexico and Jon Fitch is fighting in an eight-man MMA tournament. This is his second fight of the night against a fighter named “The Naked Man” George Ortiz.

You can tell how the style of Jon Fitch has evolved over the years by watching this. Mostly wrestling, mostly takedowns with just hte beginnings of some good striking. If you like watching Fitch fight, you’ll like this one.

The corner of Fitch keeps complaining when the ref stands them up, but that’s part of the game everywhere. In fact, we don’t know why no one has made that a factor in fights – an assessment of the referee style as well as the fighters. Because it does effect the outcome of fights. Same with the judges and their scoring. We’d like to see alot more stats and details on these people when it comes to watching MMA.

Ultimate Fighter 12 – The Aftermath: Spinning Tornado

Ultimate Fighter 12 - The Aftermath : Spinning Tornado

Coach and trainer John Danaher, and MMA fighters Michael Johnson and Kyle Watson join UFC host/fighter Stephan Bonnar for one of the better episodes of Ultimate Fighter – The Aftermath we’ve seen in a while. Danaher is a smart guy and shares some very real insights into training fighters and developing a fight strategy. He is one of those guys you want to have in your corner, in your gym and in your head.

We were also impressed with Michael Johnson and how he handled his fight with Bruce LeeRoy. There is a maturity growing inside him – hopefully it takes. He’ll be a better fighter for it.

And Bonnar does a solid job as always hosting the episode. Just watch – he’ll be graduating to the cageside commentating team along with Rogan and Goldberg.

Jamaine Facey vs Ben Craggy – KNOCKOUT!

Jamaine "The Pain" Facey vs Ben Craggy - Ultimate Challenge MMA UK

From Ultimate Challenge MMA in the UK comes this devastating knockout by Jamaine “The Pain” Facey of Ben Craggy. Watch for it – ’cause its sweet.

This is for everyone out there, including ourselves, who needs to see at least 1 knockout a week – in MMA, boxing or otherwise. Yes, we are action junkies and we need our knockout fixes on a regular basis. Pity us – we’re addicted.

HA! We just love knockouts!

Ken Shamrock vs Jonathan Ivey at USA MMA

Ken Shamrock vs Jonathan Ivey at USA MMA

This “stand ‘n stare” never made it to air – and for good reason. Nothing, we mean nothing, happened. The only bit of entertainment in the entire 3 rounds came near the end when Ivey does his patented ‘ninja roll’ to get away from danger. Somehow reminded me of a baker making dinner buns.

What the heck is Ken Shamrock doing?! He’s annihilating any legitimacy he has left in MMA. And beyond that, his legacy and what he did for the sport is just getting ruined by these crappy, crappy fights. He has become the embodiment of pathos – those fighters who carried their careers on too long to become jokes of the sport. Soon he’ll be cutting ribbons at mall openings.

OK, OK – so why are we posting this? Its all a rollercoaster, baby. And because the down slide is the other side of the up ride.