Lyoto Machida trains with Steven Seagal

Lyoto Machida trains with Steven Seagal

Just like his teammate Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida trains with 7th degree Aikido black belt and action movie star Steven Segal. Now Steven Seagal’s philosophy when it comes to fighting is that its to the death. If he’s in a fight with you, he is in it to kill you or at the very least incapacitate you so that you will never be able to bother him again. Period.

Not sure how well that kind of training translates into the MMA cage. Maybe its more of the attitude – winning at all costs – that Machida is picking up on.

It’s an interesting insight into what a fighter needs, what he seeks out before a match to give him the edge to win.

Jeremy Horn vs Death Metal Singer – Bully Beatdown

Jeremy Horn vs Death Metal Singer in Bully Beatdown

This has got to be the best use of MMA we’ve seen this week. The MTV show Bully Beatdown takes a bully – “The Truck” – and throws him into the ring with one of the most experienced MMA fighters on the planet, Jeremy Horn. Now we love Jeremy because the guy has more fights under his belt than anyone his age in the sport. His record is tipping somewhere near or over the triple digit mark. Let’s face it – the guy has fought everyone, everywhere, at one time or another in mixed martial arts. In short, he’s no noobie.

The Truck on the other hand is a car crash waiting to happen. There is just no way in or out of hell that he is going to put a dent in the Horn. But that’s the beauty of it. You know the ending, now you just get to watch it play out.

NO SPOILER – there is a bit of a twist at the end, something we didn’t expect. Even without it, this is a fun fight to watch.

Shout out to the host, Mayhem Miller. Great job as always. Guess we’re gonna hafta start watchin’ this show.

Ernesto Hoost vs Mirko Crocop : K-1 GP Final 1999

Mirko Crocop vs Ernesto Hoost at K-1 World GP Final 1999

This is an oldie but a goodie. Ernesto Hoost was no joke back in the day and you can see why when he levels Mirko Crocop not once but twice with a liver shot. As Bas Rutten says – “In the liver!”

And give it up for K-1. That fight organization was doing it good before anyone else figured out how. Great shows. Solid fighters. Good fights.

WEC 52 Fight: Unaired Preliminary – Michael McDonald vs Clint Godfrey

WEC 52 - Michael McDonald vs Clint Godfrey

19 year old Michael McDonald shows speed, speed and speed. ┬áBut Clint Godfrey picks him up and throws him down with authority. This was a good fight that went unaired on the last WEC 52. And it doesn’t get out of the first round.

McDonald is fast with the armbar and its over before its begun. Impressive debut for Michael McDonald.

We’d like to see more of ‘Mayday’ McDonald – he’s an up-and-coming MMA fighter for sure.

Nick Diaz vs Chris Lytle – from back in the day

Nick Diaz vs Chris Lytle, MMA Fighters

This is a classic grinder, back and forth, between two MMA fighters who have become stalwarts in the sport; guys who always deliver no matter the expectations.

Nick Diaz and Chris Lytle are contenders, champions and tough guys. They scramble and bang with the best. And they don’t mind bleeding for the cause.

Even though this fight isn’t that old, it sure seems like we’re watching something from the early 80s. I mean, really – look at Nick’s haircut. What’s up with that?

And so who wins… according the ref. Both guys. Bizarre. But then there’s a jumpcut to Diaz with his hand raised.

Ultimate Fighter: The Aftermath, November 10, 2010

Ultimate Fighter : The Aftermath November 10, 2010

Wrapping up another episode of the Ultimate Fighter, on this week’s “The Aftermath” Stephan Bonnar talks with Nam Pham, Cody McKenzie and Jonathan Brookins about the fights and what was going on in the house.

These 3 guys – Nam Phan, Brookins and McKenzie – have definitely endeared themselves to MMA fans by keeping it real and keeping it personal. There’s just not alot of bullshit with these guys. They know that they were there to fight, to better themselves, and to advance their careers in the sport of mixed martial arts – in or out of the UFC.

Bizarrely you could say that they all had a good head on their shoulders in spite of their varied perspectives. Its always good to see fighters who have a maturity about them. Those are the kind of guys you hope to see again and again, if for nothing else but to check out their progression as competitors and as human beings.

And we also want a “Nam Phan for Mayor” t-shirt like the one Brookins was wearing. Too cool.

Minowaman vs Chung Hee Kim

Minowaman vs Chung Hee Kim

Not the most competitive tilt you’ll see today, but you have to give it up to Minowaman – he takes down Chung Hee Kim like he’s tackling a runaway steer. For that alone, you have to watch the video.

For Ikuhisa “Minowaman” Minowa – its not his first canoe trip. He’s made a career out of bringing down giants such as Bob Sapp and Eric “Butterbean” Esch. Get them to the ground and then make them tap with an armbar or any other submission. It works. Just watch UFC 1 and a young guy named Royce Gracie when he did the same thing to all the other, much bigger, opponents.

Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you can win.

Bernard Hopkins ‘psyches out’ Jean Pascal

Bernard Hopkins at the Pascal-Hopkins Press Conference

Yes, we know – Bernard Hopkins is not a MMA fighter. He’s a boxer. But he’s a legendary fighter. He’s a smart fighter. And he’s a fighter that other fighters can learn a heckova lot from.

Just listen to his ‘psyche out’ of Jean Pascal when Hopkins says that Pascal may not be the same fighter AFTER he fights Hopkins. ┬áPavlik. Taylor. They were not the same fighters after they fought Hopkins.

Its a brilliant mental move that would make any opponent question whether they were fully prepared to meet Bernard the Legend in the ring.

We’re huge Hopkins fans and have been since before he was the first fighter to put Golden Palace on his back. Smart.

Manny Pacquiao Training Video + Interview

Manny Pacquiao training for his upcoming fight

OK, OK – its not MMA. Its boxing. But come on! Its Manny Pacquiao! 7 -time world champion. Pound for pound the best boxer on the planet no matter what Floyd Mayweather pouts about. Manny Pacquiao!

We’ve been fans of the Pac Man for a long time now. We watched him come up thru the ranks and beat just about everyone who ever dared to stand in front of him. And hell, he is looking really good right now for the Margarito fight.

Our prediction: the Manny Pacquio vs Antonio Margarito fight doesn’t go beyond round 9 with the Pac Man getting his hand raised in victory.

Fedor Emelianenko Training with Jacare and Mousasi

Fedor Emelianenko Training with Jacare and Mousasi

Heavyweight Champion/Contender/Legend Fedor Emelianenko training with BJJ ace Ronaldo Souza “Jacare” and Gegard Mousasi.

Nice when he knocks the gloves off his sparring partner. That’s some power. The guy can throw – guess that’s why he’s a heavyweight champion. And damn, he’s fast!

But its really his technique and the efficiencies in his technique that have made him #1. You can see it come thru in the training, how he’s positioning his body and speaking about fighting so that you don’t get tired. Very smart and very wise. His throws are short and powerful, always from his core, giving him the most bang for his buck.

And yes, we’d have paid $150 bucks to hang with him. Absolutely.

Renato Babalu Sobral : Natural Born Fighter, Episode 1

Renato Babalu Sobral, MMA Fighter

Renato Sobral is an interesting MMA fighter. A while back he was a force to be reckoned with. Then, all of a sudden, you couldn’t find him anywhere. He was just gone. And now he’s back.

The mental game is the most difficult side of mixed martial arts as it is in any sport. We gotta question what went on in Babalu’s mind that he just left MMA and didn’t fight. And what is it that brought him back – really. And lastly, is he strong enough mentally to get back to where he was, or to accelerate his career.

Guess we’re gonna find out when we see him fight again.

Joe Rogan Breaks Down UFC 122: Marquardt vs Okami

Joe Rogan on UFC 122 : Marquardt vs Okami

We agree with Joe Rogan that Nate ‘The Great’ Marquardt has the striking ability to turn anyone’s lights out with just one punch. But we don’t see Yushin Okami to be as big a threat as Rogan makes him out to be. Yes, his striking has improved and yes, he’s a solid fighter. But Marquardt can almost taste the title shot and will be gunning to finish this fight early and decisively.

The UFC couldn’t be happier about it either. They desperately need another contender to take on Anderson Silva – and Nate is their anoited man.

We see this fight NOT going past 2 rounds, with Nate Marquardt knocking out Yushin Okami.