Jon Fitch vs George Ortiz – MMA Mexico

Its December 2004 in Juarez, Mexico and Jon Fitch is fighting in an eight-man MMA tournament. This is his second fight of the night against a fighter named “The Naked Man” George Ortiz.

You can tell how the style of Jon Fitch has evolved over the years by watching this. Mostly wrestling, mostly takedowns with just hte beginnings of some good striking. If you like watching Fitch fight, you’ll like this one.

The corner of Fitch keeps complaining when the ref stands them up, but that’s part of the game everywhere. In fact, we don’t know why no one has made that a factor in fights – an assessment of the referee style as well as the fighters. Because it does effect the outcome of fights. Same with the judges and their scoring. We’d like to see alot more stats and details on these people when it comes to watching MMA.

Jamaine Facey vs Ben Craggy – KNOCKOUT!

From Ultimate Challenge MMA in the UK comes this devastating knockout by Jamaine “The Pain” Facey of Ben Craggy. Watch for it – ’cause its sweet.

This is for everyone out there, including ourselves, who needs to see at least 1 knockout a week – in MMA, boxing or otherwise. Yes, we are action junkies and we need our knockout fixes on a regular basis. Pity us – we’re addicted.

HA! We just love knockouts!

Ken Shamrock vs Jonathan Ivey at USA MMA

This “stand ‘n stare” never made it to air – and for good reason. Nothing, we mean nothing, happened. The only bit of entertainment in the entire 3 rounds came near the end when Ivey does his patented ‘ninja roll’ to get away from danger. Somehow reminded me of a baker making dinner buns.

What the heck is Ken Shamrock doing?! He’s annihilating any legitimacy he has left in MMA. And beyond that, his legacy and what he did for the sport is just getting ruined by these crappy, crappy fights. He has become the embodiment of pathos – those fighters who carried their careers on too long to become jokes of the sport. Soon he’ll be cutting ribbons at mall openings.

OK, OK – so why are we posting this? Its all a rollercoaster, baby. And because the down slide is the other side of the up ride.

Lyoto Machida trains with Steven Seagal

Just like his teammate Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida trains with 7th degree Aikido black belt and action movie star Steven Segal. Now Steven Seagal’s philosophy when it comes to fighting is that its to the death. If he’s in a fight with you, he is in it to kill you or at the very least incapacitate you so that you will never be able to bother him again. Period.

Not sure how well that kind of training translates into the MMA cage. Maybe its more of the attitude – winning at all costs – that Machida is picking up on.

It’s an interesting insight into what a fighter needs, what he seeks out before a match to give him the edge to win.

Jeremy Horn vs Death Metal Singer – Bully Beatdown

This has got to be the best use of MMA we’ve seen this week. The MTV show Bully Beatdown takes a bully – “The Truck” – and throws him into the ring with one of the most experienced MMA fighters on the planet, Jeremy Horn. Now we love Jeremy because the guy has more fights under his belt than anyone his age in the sport. His record is tipping somewhere near or over the triple digit mark. Let’s face it – the guy has fought everyone, everywhere, at one time or another in mixed martial arts. In short, he’s no noobie.

The Truck on the other hand is a car crash waiting to happen. There is just no way in or out of hell that he is going to put a dent in the Horn. But that’s the beauty of it. You know the ending, now you just get to watch it play out.

NO SPOILER – there is a bit of a twist at the end, something we didn’t expect. Even without it, this is a fun fight to watch.

Shout out to the host, Mayhem Miller. Great job as always. Guess we’re gonna hafta start watchin’ this show.