Manny Pacquiao – BOOM!

Manny Pacquiao - BOOM! Nike Commerical

Nike gives it up for the most exciting fighter in boxing today – Manny Pacquiao.  Yup, we’re big fans of the Pac Man and have been for many moons – long before his rockstar status of today.

Not a bad commercial. Well timed of course for the Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito fight later this month.

Maximo Blanco vs. Kiuma Kunioku SRC 15

Maximo Blanco vs Kiuma Kunioku at SRC 15

The Maximo Blanco vs. Kiuma Kunioku at SRC 15 on October 30, 2010 in Tokyo, Japan was a classic Maxi fight – fast, exciting and loaded with bang-ups. He lays out Kunioku with an uppercut of the year – BANG – and out!

Seriously, Maxi just introduces Kunioku to lala-land in a split second with that shot. Wow! And its Maxi-time again.

Knockout of the month for sure. Probably knockout of the year.

For some great photos of the fight – go here to Cool MMA Photos.

Jeff Monson vs Travis Fulton at Fight Time 2

Jeff Monson vs Travis Fulton at Fight Time 2

Jeff Monson vs Travis Fulton happened on October 23, 2010 at the Club Cinema in Pompano Beach, Florida. The fight card was put on  put on by Fight Time Promotions.

Monson used to fight in the big leagues but is now making a living working the farm team circuit. He dominated from beginning to end and squeaked out a victory the standard Monson way – he got on top and powered a submission on Fulton.

Not the most exciting MMA fight you’ve ever seen, but give it up for Monson. He’s been working it for years. Who knows how many of these he’s got left in him?

Glory World Series MMA and Kickboxing Highlights

Glory World Series MMA and Kickboxing Highlights

We have to find the entire show of this one because it looks like it was a great night of fights. And with the hot interlude dance numbers along with the occasional operatic foray, it looks like Glory puts on quite a show.

Anderson Silva is fighting in this one too – NO, not that Anderson Silva.

Roger Bowling vs. Bobby Voelker 2 – Strikeforce Challengers 11

Roger Bowling vs. Bobby Voelker 2 - Strikeforce Challengers 11

Bobby Voelker grabs the win over Roger Bowling in an entertaining and hard won fight at Strikeforce Challengers 11. And it looks like these two MMA scappers are going to go at it again sometime in the near future, give that they’re both at 1 win a piece in their matches with each other. You just know there’s got to be a decisive third match – probably next year – to put all disputes to rest.

GSP and Muay Thai Trainer Jean Charles visit the Ultimate Fighter House

Jean Charles Skarbowsky - Muay Thai Trainer

GSP brings Muay Thai trainer Jean Charles to the Ultimate Fighter house

Outtakes from the Ultimate Fighter where Georges St. Pierre brings Muay Thai fighter and trainer Jean Charles Skarbowsky to the Ultimate Fighter house to hang out with the guys.

Jean Charles is one-of-a-kind: he smokes, he drinks AND he can kick everyone’s ass. Its really unbelievable but the guy is the real deal. As GSP says – “his technique is so efficient”.

Ultimate Fighter – The Aftermath, October 27, 2010

Stefan Bonnar hosting the Ultimate Fighter - The Aftermath

This week from the AKA Gym [American Kickboxing Academy], Stefan Bonner goes over the latest episode of the Ultimate Fighter with Sako / Psycho, Dane and Crazy Bob [Koschek’s training partner].

We like this Aftermath series – the show about the show – because the fighters who were in the Ultimate Fighter now have a better perspective on what they did, how things went down and what they’d do different next time.

Crazy Bob is a good trainer; good observations and astute insights into the fighters he trains and the sport of MMA.

We don’t know where Brad Tate came from either.

LaTasha Marzolla pops her elbow *ouch!* in slo-mo

Latasha Marzolla - MMA fighter and former Playboy Pin-Up

LaTasha Marzolla is a former Playboy pin-up and now a mixed martial artist [great combo] who in her last fight on Saturday lost her match when her elbow snapped like a winter twig.

The slo-mo is the simultaneously the worst and the best part of this video.

It just looks really, really painful. Get better soon – we wanna see you ‘bounce’ back 😉

The New UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez on Lopez

Velasquez on Lopez talking about the new UFC Heavyweight Champion's win

Velasquez is already making himself a great champion – humble, funny, with tons of integrity thrown in. He plays well with the media. It also helps that George Lopez is damn funny too.

Love the bit at the end where they both eat peanut butter and jam sandwiches, drinking glasses of milk in honor of the former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar.

BTW – we’d love to George Lopez fight at Best Buy on Saturday.

Rampage Jackson is in ‘robot’ mode

Rampage Jackson is now a 'robot' fighter in the UFC

Who knows why Rampage Jackson is so low key in the vid. Maybe he’s just damn tired of the persona he’s created and doesn’t know how to get out of it.

The Rampage persona got him to where he is, got him noticed, got him some sweet coin on a franchise movie and got him millions of fans.  Of course he should be tired of it.  ;P

Dana White on Jon ‘Bones’ Jonz and Jose Aldo

Dana White, UFC President speaks about the up and coming fighters

The Fight Fix gets the skinny from UFC President Dana White on Jon Jones and Jose Aldo. Yes, Jones will go against Ryan Bader – and if he wins – he’ll face only the top 5 fighters in his division. Jones is the up and coming golden boy in MMA and Dana knows it. The UFC will make sure that he gets the better fights and the best exposure possible. Because hey – its a business.

Jose Aldo declined a fight with Kenny Florian in the UFC at the 155 weight division. Really, why move when he’s got another guy or two to clean up in the WEC. He’ll get to the UFC in the next year or 2. Then he’ll work his wonders on the 155 division there.

Cage Wars – Another Screaming Vid by a Local MMA Promoter

Cage Wars MMA video

Not quite sure what’s supposed to be going on here but from screaming goth/metal soundtrack and the scrappy fight footage we gotta believe that this is a local promoter doing his best to get the word out.

OK, OK – but really, these guys gotta up their game if they’re going to get on the MMA radar. The business end of mixed martial arts is growing more sophisticated every day and they’ve got to find some way to stay relevant.