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Cool MMA Videos - Part 6

Unbelievable K-1 Fight : Zambidis vs. Chalid

This is one of those fights that will go viral on the web in hours. Yup, its that good.

Both Zambidis and Chalid are throwing leather like their families were being held hostage.  And to top it all off, after 3 rounds they go into an extra round Рand they still have their feet full on the gas pedals.

Unreal. Wow. This is the Fight of the Day, Fight of the Week, Fight of the Month. And its a candidate for Fight of the Year 2010.

Reza Madadi vs Junie Browning

Reza Madadi is the Persian version of the Terminator – he just does not stop coming at you, ever, no matter what, even if you tap. This MMA fighter is one of those classic straight-ahead fighting style guys. He never goes back on his stance. He’s always moving forward. And he’s gonna throw fists again and again and again.

We definitely are keeping an eye out for this guy. We want to see him and others like him more often.

Hell, the MMA world demands it!

Alexander Shlemenko vs Gregory Babene

Alexander Shlemenko has been a favorite of ours ever since we saw him in his first appearance in Bellator. He’s another one of those tough MMA fighters coming out of RusFighter in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Seems like all those reds love the spinning back fist, but Shlemenko has got the move down to a lightning strike. If you get caught, you never know what hit you.

This is one of his tamer matches, but he’s still chucking leather and finally submits Babene in a triangle. Always fun to watch Shlemenko.

Alexander Sarnavskiy vs Victor Kuku M-1 Challenge XXI

Never saw this kid in the ring before, but Alexander Sarnavskiy is an exciting fighter. Just watch his spinning back fist move that puts a quick end to this bout.

Props to Leland Roling of Bloody Elbow for bringing this fighter to our attention. Roling’s doing a ‘scouting’ series of articles on up and coming fighters, and he’s found some good ones. The article on Alexander Sarnavskiy is worth reading. This kid is only 21, but so far – he’s the real deal.

Alistair Overeem Documentary – Episode 9

Very cool documentary. We’ve got to watch the whole darn thing one of these days. And don’t ask how long it is – episodes just seem to appear every few weeks.

In this episode, teammate Marloes Coenen gets a huge welcome-back after winning her Strikeforce title. The Reem takes some time off from the K1 training to visit the Glory event and organizes an MMA training camp with friends from all over the EU.

Can’t wait to see more of Alistair Overeem in K-1 soon. The guy is an exciting fighter – someone who’ll definitely be a factor in MMA for the next 5-10 years.

BTW – Bas is the best.