Daisuke Uematsu vs. Jae Hee Cheon in K-1 World Max 2010 – 63kg

Uematsu gets rocked and it looks like Cheon is going to finish it, but – Uematsu fights back. Turns it around. And then out of no where – BANG! A knock out that sends Jae Hee Cheon to the canvas and rubber to his legs.

He can’t even stand after that, even though he tries. He ends up splayed on the ropes with the ref wildly waving his arms to stop the fight. Great knockout. Great come-from-behind win for Daisuke Uematsu at K-1.

Lyoto Machida Training Video for his Next Fight

We’re not sure if this is supposed to make us believe that Lyoto Machida can beat Quinton Rampage Jackson at UFC 123. He pushes some weights, he does some striking – meh.

Both Jackson and Machida have knock out power. They can turn each other’s lights out. But really, its going to come down to who wants it more – and at this point we’d have to give that edge to Machida. Jackson’s lack luster media-ing lately shows that he’s not having much fun anymore. That’s telling.

All that – and the current betting line is favoring Machida at -260.

Manny Pacquiao – BOOM!

Nike gives it up for the most exciting fighter in boxing today – Manny Pacquiao.  Yup, we’re big fans of the Pac Man and have been for many moons – long before his rockstar status of today.

Not a bad commercial. Well timed of course for the Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito fight later this month.

Jeff Monson vs Travis Fulton at Fight Time 2

Jeff Monson vs Travis Fulton happened on October 23, 2010 at the Club Cinema in Pompano Beach, Florida. The fight card was put on  put on by Fight Time Promotions.

Monson used to fight in the big leagues but is now making a living working the farm team circuit. He dominated from beginning to end and squeaked out a victory the standard Monson way – he got on top and powered a submission on Fulton.

Not the most exciting MMA fight you’ve ever seen, but give it up for Monson. He’s been working it for years. Who knows how many of these he’s got left in him?

Roger Bowling vs. Bobby Voelker 2 – Strikeforce Challengers 11

Bobby Voelker grabs the win over Roger Bowling in an entertaining and hard won fight at Strikeforce Challengers 11. And it looks like these two MMA scappers are going to go at it again sometime in the near future, give that they’re both at 1 win a piece in their matches with each other. You just know there’s got to be a decisive third match – probably next year – to put all disputes to rest.