Dana White on Jon ‘Bones’ Jonz and Jose Aldo

Dana White, UFC President speaks about the up and coming fighters

The Fight Fix gets the skinny from UFC President Dana White on Jon Jones and Jose Aldo. Yes, Jones will go against Ryan Bader – and if he wins – he’ll face only the top 5 fighters in his division. Jones is the up and coming golden boy in MMA and Dana knows it. The UFC will make sure that he gets the better fights and the best exposure possible. Because hey – its a business.

Jose Aldo declined a fight with Kenny Florian in the UFC at the 155 weight division. Really, why move when he’s got another guy or two to clean up in the WEC. He’ll get to the UFC in the next year or 2. Then he’ll work his wonders on the 155 division there.

Dana White on ESPN talking about UFC 121

Dana White on ESPN reviewing UFC 121

Dana White is impressed by Cain Velasquez and kind of unimpressed by Brock Lesnar. Not surprising, really. He knew that Cain had the tools to get the job done.

BTW – Kenny Florian is a solid commentator. He’s got great insight and an enigmatic presence.

Yes, UFC 121 was huge. Probably the hugest UFC PPV ever. And it was all due to the heavyweights. Oh, how we all love the heavyweights.

However, we totally disagree with Dana’s take on the Shields – Kampmann fight. The judging on that was terrible and Kampmann was absolutely robbed.

Also sounds like Dana’s close to cutting Tito Ortiz out of the UFC. Finally.

Dana White speaks to Ariel Helwani after UFC 121

Dana White and Ariel Helwani at UFC 121

You can tell that Dana White is little down that his big ol’ heavyweight Brock Lesnar didn’t get the win. Oh well. Cain Velasquez will be a better UFC Heavyweight Champion anyway.

It was still a terrific night of fights – one that the UFC needed to pull off. And they did.

We were at a packed bar and had a great time.