Fedor Emelianenko vs Hong Man Choi

First off, Fedor Emelianenko is a big guy. So when you see him in this MMA fight against Hong Man Choi, and he appears alot smaller than Hong Man Choi – then you realize how effing big Hong Man Choi is. And how the heck do you defeat a goliath? Well, you do what Fedor did and grab a limb.

Look at Fedor’s face though – he has to eat quite a few of those canned hams thrown at him before he can snag an arm and the win.

This is another in the long series of mixed martial arts fights that made Fedor the MMA legend that he is. He is such a badass.

Fedor Emelianenko Training with Jacare and Mousasi

Heavyweight Champion/Contender/Legend Fedor Emelianenko training with BJJ ace Ronaldo Souza “Jacare” and Gegard Mousasi.

Nice when he knocks the gloves off his sparring partner. That’s some power. The guy can throw – guess that’s why he’s a heavyweight champion. And damn, he’s fast!

But its really his technique and the efficiencies in his technique that have made him #1. You can see it come thru in the training, how he’s positioning his body and speaking about fighting so that you don’t get tired. Very smart and very wise. His throws are short and powerful, always from his core, giving him the most bang for his buck.

And yes, we’d have paid $150 bucks to hang with him. Absolutely.