K-1 Grand Prix: Musashi vs. Mirko CroCop – 1999 FINAL

We don’t make distinctions here between K-1, MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, etc. Sure its called “Cool MMA Videos” but for us a good fight is a good fight. And we assume that the people watching these vids are fight-educated enough to know styles, leagues, fighters, etc.  That said – this is a good fight. A classic fight between two bangers – Mirko Crocop and Musashi in a K-1 Grand Prix bout from 1999.

Crocop takes charge of this fight from the get-go and thrashed Musashi. Its a little surprising how ‘sensative’ Musashi is. For a K-1 fighter you’d think he’d suck it up a bit more. No matter, really. This fight is proof why Crocop is Crocop. He dominates and he wins. End of story. Beginning of legend.

Unbelievable K-1 Fight : Zambidis vs. Chalid

This is one of those fights that will go viral on the web in hours. Yup, its that good.

Both Zambidis and Chalid are throwing leather like their families were being held hostage.  And to top it all off, after 3 rounds they go into an extra round – and they still have their feet full on the gas pedals.

Unreal. Wow. This is the Fight of the Day, Fight of the Week, Fight of the Month. And its a candidate for Fight of the Year 2010.

Daisuke Uematsu vs. Jae Hee Cheon in K-1 World Max 2010 – 63kg

Uematsu gets rocked and it looks like Cheon is going to finish it, but – Uematsu fights back. Turns it around. And then out of no where – BANG! A knock out that sends Jae Hee Cheon to the canvas and rubber to his legs.

He can’t even stand after that, even though he tries. He ends up splayed on the ropes with the ref wildly waving his arms to stop the fight. Great knockout. Great come-from-behind win for Daisuke Uematsu at K-1.