The Science Behind the Knockout

Of course after a weekend of fights where knockouts have occurred, everyone starts going on about how weak the knockout-ee’s chin was, how the knockout-er threw the killer punch, blah, blah, blah. If everyone’s such an expert, then explain what actually happened.

Well, now someone has. From a National Geographic program on the actual science of fighting, there’s a video clip on what happens when you get knocked out. Fun stuff, really.

So what matters in getting a knockout? Technique first. Then mass.

Dust off your kinetics. Start with your footwork. Then practice, practice, practice. Throw, throw, throw. And after 10,000 hits, it’ll be there.

Jamaine Facey vs Ben Craggy – KNOCKOUT!

From Ultimate Challenge MMA in the UK comes this devastating knockout by Jamaine “The Pain” Facey of Ben Craggy. Watch for it – ’cause its sweet.

This is for everyone out there, including ourselves, who needs to see at least 1 knockout a week – in MMA, boxing or otherwise. Yes, we are action junkies and we need our knockout fixes on a regular basis. Pity us – we’re addicted.

HA! We just love knockouts!

MMA – The Knockouts of 2009, Vol.1

Who doesn’t love knockouts? Its the crowing achievement in a fight. Its a badge of honor sported by fighters everywhere when they brag about their records. And the fans – the MMA fans- go absolutely wild when they see a great knockout happen right in front of their own eyes, in a cage, anywhere.

This is a stunning compilation of MMA knockouts for 2009. Caposa did a heckova job putting this one together. Its one of those videos that you can watch again and again, and see something new each time. Very cool.