K-1 Grand Prix: Musashi vs. Mirko CroCop – 1999 FINAL

K-1 Grand Prix: Musashi vs. Mirko CroCop - 1999 FINAL

We don’t make distinctions here between K-1, MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, etc. Sure its called “Cool MMA Videos” but for us a good fight is a good fight. And we assume that the people watching these vids are fight-educated enough to know styles, leagues, fighters, etc. ┬áThat said – this is a good fight. A classic fight between two bangers – Mirko Crocop and Musashi in a K-1 Grand Prix bout from 1999.

Crocop takes charge of this fight from the get-go and thrashed Musashi. Its a little surprising how ‘sensative’ Musashi is. For a K-1 fighter you’d think he’d suck it up a bit more. No matter, really. This fight is proof why Crocop is Crocop. He dominates and he wins. End of story. Beginning of legend.

Ernesto Hoost vs Mirko Crocop : K-1 GP Final 1999

Mirko Crocop vs Ernesto Hoost at K-1 World GP Final 1999

This is an oldie but a goodie. Ernesto Hoost was no joke back in the day and you can see why when he levels Mirko Crocop not once but twice with a liver shot. As Bas Rutten says – “In the liver!”

And give it up for K-1. That fight organization was doing it good before anyone else figured out how. Great shows. Solid fighters. Good fights.