Tachi Palace Fights 7 – John Alessio vs Phil Collins

The crowd got a bit restless in this one – and rightly so. For a few moments it turned into a “stand and stare”. But give Phil Collins [no, not that Phil Collins] credit for constantly banging away at John Alessio – keeping him at distance and catching him every now and then.

Tachi Palace put on a solid card of fights. Hats off to them.

But it’s Alessio’s left out of nowhere that makes this end. We had to watch the replay because we never saw it the first time. Good work and good win.

Tachi Palace Fights 7 – Micah Miller vs Isaac DeJesus

This a good grinder with both guys scrambling for position, fighting for the angles. Both fighters working their ‘joe jitsu’. Yup, this one is worth watching [worth posting!] for sure.

Micah Miller is impressive. He was patient and always kept working. Good thing the ref understands the fight game otherwise he might have done something stupid like stand them up – when both fighters were working it out on the ground.

DeJesus is no slouch. Haven’t seen much of this fighter, but we want to see more. He’s now on the radar.

Tachi Palace Fights 7 – Jorge Oliveira vs James Irvin

For the life of us, we can’t figure out why James Irvin hesitates after he throws the right at Jorge Oliveira. He, well, lingers – hesitates – thinks about it for a second too long and whamo! He’s screwed.

James Irvin came on the MMA scene a few years back, hit a few guys in the UFC and looked like he had promise. But something happened and no one really knows what – but his potential was never realized.

The mental game is the hardest but it’s also the one that pays off – inside the cage and inside of life.

Whatever the issues, we’d like to see Irvin crack at it a couple more times. And congrats to Oliveira. Nice way to win.

Erick Silva vs Julian Jabá

This fight was brought to our attention by Leland Roling at Bloody Elbow who is doing a great job of putting out solid scouting reports on MMA fighters from around the world. These are the kind of fighters you’ll see [hopefully] coming up through the ranks over the next couple of years.

So watch out for their names – this fighter is Erick Silva, he’s out of Brazil and fights welterweight. He throws a terrific body slam at about 45 seconds in the video and finishes with a solid knockout. That’s exciting stuff. That’s the kind of fighter we need alot more of in mixed martial arts.

So which organization in MMA will give him a shot?

Warning : Winning, Puking MMA Fighter

This MMA fighter just couldn’t hold his excitement in – really. It literally comes spilling out of him before his hand is held up in victory and after. So much for the pre-fight energy drink. This could’ve been part of his weight loss regime if he had done this BEFORE the weigh-in.

“Bring me a bucket. I think I’m gonna puke.” – that was Mr. Creasote. Should’ve been this guy.

Well, at least he’s on the highlight reels forever. MMA fighter Edar Jones, you are now immortal.