Fedor Emelianenko Training with Jacare and Mousasi

Heavyweight Champion/Contender/Legend Fedor Emelianenko training with BJJ ace Ronaldo Souza “Jacare” and Gegard Mousasi.

Nice when he knocks the gloves off his sparring partner. That’s some power. The guy can throw – guess that’s why he’s a heavyweight champion. And damn, he’s fast!

But its really his technique and the efficiencies in his technique that have made him #1. You can see it come thru in the training, how he’s positioning his body and speaking about fighting so that you don’t get tired. Very smart and very wise. His throws are short and powerful, always from his core, giving him the most bang for his buck.

And yes, we’d have paid $150 bucks to hang with him. Absolutely.

Renato Babalu Sobral : Natural Born Fighter, Episode 1

Renato Sobral is an interesting MMA fighter. A while back he was a force to be reckoned with. Then, all of a sudden, you couldn’t find him anywhere. He was just gone. And now he’s back.

The mental game is the most difficult side of mixed martial arts as it is in any sport. We gotta question what went on in Babalu’s mind that he just left MMA and didn’t fight. And what is it that brought him back – really. And lastly, is he strong enough mentally to get back to where he was, or to accelerate his career.

Guess we’re gonna find out when we see him fight again.

Magno Almeida vs Mike Campbell : CES – First Blood

Magno Almeida is one of those skilled up-and-coming fighters who grinds out the wins with jiu jistsu, fight after fight after fight. Either his opponents don’t take him seriously or just don’t know what he’s capable of.

Granted, on this outing it took him a while to sink in the rear-naked choke, but he kept at it and he does finally take the win with it.

We’re keeping this guy on our “Fighters to Watch” radar. We believe he’ll be leaving his mark, and his defeated opponents, all over the mixed martial arts world in the next 5 years.

Reza Madadi vs Junie Browning

Reza Madadi is the Persian version of the Terminator – he just does not stop coming at you, ever, no matter what, even if you tap. This MMA fighter is one of those classic straight-ahead fighting style guys. He never goes back on his stance. He’s always moving forward. And he’s gonna throw fists again and again and again.

We definitely are keeping an eye out for this guy. We want to see him and others like him more often.

Hell, the MMA world demands it!

Alexander Shlemenko vs Gregory Babene

Alexander Shlemenko has been a favorite of ours ever since we saw him in his first appearance in Bellator. He’s another one of those tough MMA fighters coming out of RusFighter in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Seems like all those reds love the spinning back fist, but Shlemenko has got the move down to a lightning strike. If you get caught, you never know what hit you.

This is one of his tamer matches, but he’s still chucking leather and finally submits Babene in a triangle. Always fun to watch Shlemenko.