Joe Rogan Breaks Down UFC 122: Marquardt vs Okami

Joe Rogan on UFC 122 : Marquardt vs Okami

We agree with Joe Rogan that Nate ‘The Great’ Marquardt has the striking ability to turn anyone’s lights out with just one punch. But we don’t see Yushin Okami to be as big a threat as Rogan makes him out to be. Yes, his striking has improved and yes, he’s a solid fighter. But Marquardt can almost taste the title shot and will be gunning to finish this fight early and decisively.

The UFC couldn’t be happier about it either. They desperately need another contender to take on Anderson Silva – and Nate is their anoited man.

We see this fight NOT going past 2 rounds, with Nate Marquardt knocking out Yushin Okami.

The Aftermath of TUF 12: GSP vs. Koscheck – “Kos in a Commotion”

Josh Koscheck in the Ultimate Fighter Season 12: GSP vs Koscheck

We’ve been watching Josh Koscheck since he first appeared in the first season of the Ultimate Fighter and not much has changed. In fact, we’d say that he’s become himself just more so.

It’s a shame he’s such a meat head. But that’s the way he’s grown and so that’s the way he turns out.

Nice dramatic theme to this season though – the thinking fighter in Georges St.Pierre vs the rote fighter in Josh Koscheck. How can you not get sparks flying in that scenario? Smart match up by the UFC.

And we’ll see in December who wins – and by proxy – what wins.

Lyoto Machida Training Video for his Next Fight

Lyoto Machida works out for UFC 123 : Jackson vs Machida

We’re not sure if this is supposed to make us believe that Lyoto Machida can beat Quinton Rampage Jackson at UFC 123. He pushes some weights, he does some striking – meh.

Both Jackson and Machida have knock out power. They can turn each other’s lights out. But really, its going to come down to who wants it more – and at this point we’d have to give that edge to Machida. Jackson’s lack luster media-ing lately shows that he’s not having much fun anymore. That’s telling.

All that – and the current betting line is favoring Machida at -260.

GSP and Muay Thai Trainer Jean Charles visit the Ultimate Fighter House

Jean Charles Skarbowsky - Muay Thai Trainer

GSP brings Muay Thai trainer Jean Charles to the Ultimate Fighter house

Outtakes from the Ultimate Fighter where Georges St. Pierre brings Muay Thai fighter and trainer Jean Charles Skarbowsky to the Ultimate Fighter house to hang out with the guys.

Jean Charles is one-of-a-kind: he smokes, he drinks AND he can kick everyone’s ass. Its really unbelievable but the guy is the real deal. As GSP says – “his technique is so efficient”.

Ultimate Fighter – The Aftermath, October 27, 2010

Stefan Bonnar hosting the Ultimate Fighter - The Aftermath

This week from the AKA Gym [American Kickboxing Academy], Stefan Bonner goes over the latest episode of the Ultimate Fighter with Sako / Psycho, Dane and Crazy Bob [Koschek’s training partner].

We like this Aftermath series – the show about the show – because the fighters who were in the Ultimate Fighter now have a better perspective on what they did, how things went down and what they’d do different next time.

Crazy Bob is a good trainer; good observations and astute insights into the fighters he trains and the sport of MMA.

We don’t know where Brad Tate came from either.

The New UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez on Lopez

Velasquez on Lopez talking about the new UFC Heavyweight Champion's win

Velasquez is already making himself a great champion – humble, funny, with tons of integrity thrown in. He plays well with the media. It also helps that George Lopez is damn funny too.

Love the bit at the end where they both eat peanut butter and jam sandwiches, drinking glasses of milk in honor of the former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar.

BTW – we’d love to George Lopez fight at Best Buy on Saturday.

Rampage Jackson is in ‘robot’ mode

Rampage Jackson is now a 'robot' fighter in the UFC

Who knows why Rampage Jackson is so low key in the vid. Maybe he’s just damn tired of the persona he’s created and doesn’t know how to get out of it.

The Rampage persona got him to where he is, got him noticed, got him some sweet coin on a franchise movie and got him millions of fans.  Of course he should be tired of it.  ;P

Dana White on Jon ‘Bones’ Jonz and Jose Aldo

Dana White, UFC President speaks about the up and coming fighters

The Fight Fix gets the skinny from UFC President Dana White on Jon Jones and Jose Aldo. Yes, Jones will go against Ryan Bader – and if he wins – he’ll face only the top 5 fighters in his division. Jones is the up and coming golden boy in MMA and Dana knows it. The UFC will make sure that he gets the better fights and the best exposure possible. Because hey – its a business.

Jose Aldo declined a fight with Kenny Florian in the UFC at the 155 weight division. Really, why move when he’s got another guy or two to clean up in the WEC. He’ll get to the UFC in the next year or 2. Then he’ll work his wonders on the 155 division there.

Junior Dos Santos – the next guy to fight Cain Velasquez

Junior Dos Santos on UFC 121 and why he's the next contender

Junior Dos Santos talks about the Brock Lesnar – Cain Velasquez heavyweight title fight at UFC 121; what he thought about the fight, his observations about Brock and Cain, how the fight went and why Cain won the fight.

Junior Dos Santos is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet but make no mistake – this guy has the best hands in the UFC heavyweight division [and that’s out of Dana White’s mouth, not ours].

Wherever it takes place, the Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos UFC Heavyweight title fight will be a banger. Our predictions is that it will go into the deeper rounds and probably be done by late in the fourth round.

Sports Science with Cain Velasquez – ESPN

ESPN Sports Science with Cain Velasquez and Brock Lesnar before UFC 121

ESPN’s Sport Science on how Cain Velasquez and Brock Lesnar stack up to each other – how hard they hit, how much explosive power they have and what their stamina is.

Very geeky AND interesting at the same time. Heck, its a sport – so we gotta have all kinds of statistics that probably don’t mean anything but give us something to blather about at the bar.

Cain Velasquez – The New UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World – on ESPN

Cain Velasquez on ESPN after UFC 121

Cain Velasquez is just a smarter fighter than Brock Lesnar. That’s really it. Brock came out aggressive and was counting on his size to dominate. But we agree with Cain that when he [Cain] shook off that first assault by Brock, he regained his composure and got back to his game – and won.

Yes, UFC should take the next heavyweight title fight – Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos – to Mexico City. That would be very cool.

Gotta love the humility of Cain Velasquez. He knows that as the UFC Heavyweight Champion he’s got a target on his back now.

And he had a great win – a great win for himself, for the UFC and for the sport of MMA.

Dana White on ESPN talking about UFC 121

Dana White on ESPN reviewing UFC 121

Dana White is impressed by Cain Velasquez and kind of unimpressed by Brock Lesnar. Not surprising, really. He knew that Cain had the tools to get the job done.

BTW – Kenny Florian is a solid commentator. He’s got great insight and an enigmatic presence.

Yes, UFC 121 was huge. Probably the hugest UFC PPV ever. And it was all due to the heavyweights. Oh, how we all love the heavyweights.

However, we totally disagree with Dana’s take on the Shields – Kampmann fight. The judging on that was terrible and Kampmann was absolutely robbed.

Also sounds like Dana’s close to cutting Tito Ortiz out of the UFC. Finally.