Ultimate Fighter : The Aftermath and TUF 12 Finale

Ultimate Fighter: The Aftermath and TUF 12 Final

Dave Camarillo, John Danaher and TUF 6 winner Mac Danzig talk with Stephan Bonnar to review the final show of the Ultimate Fighter and previewing the finale on Saturday, December 4.

Jonathan Brookins has been the outstanding fighter in season 12 of TUF. It’s really no surprise that he’s in the final. Michael Johnson is a gamer – he’s a good choice to have in the final because of his heart and his athleticism. Their fight in the finale will be entertaining but it’ll be Brookins who walks away with the contract.

An interesting side note to this episode was when everyone got to comment on Stephan Bonnar’s upcoming match with Igor Pokrajac- it was John Danaher who asked Bonnar about whether he sees himself as an athlete or an entertainer in this sport. Bonnar said that he’s always seen himself as a fighter and Mac commented that it’s Bonnar’s spirit that makes his fights entertaining.

In MMA, spirit = entertainment. And maybe that’s a statistic that needs to be tracked when it comes to fight analysis.

Ultimate Fighter 12 – The Aftermath: Spinning Tornado

Ultimate Fighter 12 - The Aftermath : Spinning Tornado

Coach and trainer John Danaher, and MMA fighters Michael Johnson and Kyle Watson join UFC host/fighter Stephan Bonnar for one of the better episodes of Ultimate Fighter – The Aftermath we’ve seen in a while. Danaher is a smart guy and shares some very real insights into training fighters and developing a fight strategy. He is one of those guys you want to have in your corner, in your gym and in your head.

We were also impressed with Michael Johnson and how he handled his fight with Bruce LeeRoy. There is a maturity growing inside him – hopefully it takes. He’ll be a better fighter for it.

And Bonnar does a solid job as always hosting the episode. Just watch – he’ll be graduating to the cageside commentating team along with Rogan and Goldberg.

Ultimate Fighter: The Aftermath, November 10, 2010

Ultimate Fighter : The Aftermath November 10, 2010

Wrapping up another episode of the Ultimate Fighter, on this week’s “The Aftermath” Stephan Bonnar talks with Nam Pham, Cody McKenzie and Jonathan Brookins about the fights and what was going on in the house.

These 3 guys – Nam Phan, Brookins and McKenzie – have definitely endeared themselves to MMA fans by keeping it real and keeping it personal. There’s just not alot of bullshit with these guys. They know that they were there to fight, to better themselves, and to advance their careers in the sport of mixed martial arts – in or out of the UFC.

Bizarrely you could say that they all had a good head on their shoulders in spite of their varied perspectives. Its always good to see fighters who have a maturity about them. Those are the kind of guys you hope to see again and again, if for nothing else but to check out their progression as competitors and as human beings.

And we also want a “Nam Phan for Mayor” t-shirt like the one Brookins was wearing. Too cool.

The Aftermath of TUF 12: GSP vs. Koscheck – “Kos in a Commotion”

Josh Koscheck in the Ultimate Fighter Season 12: GSP vs Koscheck

We’ve been watching Josh Koscheck since he first appeared in the first season of the Ultimate Fighter and not much has changed. In fact, we’d say that he’s become himself just more so.

It’s a shame he’s such a meat head. But that’s the way he’s grown and so that’s the way he turns out.

Nice dramatic theme to this season though – the thinking fighter in Georges St.Pierre vs the rote fighter in Josh Koscheck. How can you not get sparks flying in that scenario? Smart match up by the UFC.

And we’ll see in December who wins – and by proxy – what wins.

GSP and Muay Thai Trainer Jean Charles visit the Ultimate Fighter House

Jean Charles Skarbowsky - Muay Thai Trainer

GSP brings Muay Thai trainer Jean Charles to the Ultimate Fighter house

Outtakes from the Ultimate Fighter where Georges St. Pierre brings Muay Thai fighter and trainer Jean Charles Skarbowsky to the Ultimate Fighter house to hang out with the guys.

Jean Charles is one-of-a-kind: he smokes, he drinks AND he can kick everyone’s ass. Its really unbelievable but the guy is the real deal. As GSP says – “his technique is so efficient”.

Ultimate Fighter – The Aftermath, October 27, 2010

Stefan Bonnar hosting the Ultimate Fighter - The Aftermath

This week from the AKA Gym [American Kickboxing Academy], Stefan Bonner goes over the latest episode of the Ultimate Fighter with Sako / Psycho, Dane and Crazy Bob [Koschek’s training partner].

We like this Aftermath series – the show about the show – because the fighters who were in the Ultimate Fighter now have a better perspective on what they did, how things went down and what they’d do different next time.

Crazy Bob is a good trainer; good observations and astute insights into the fighters he trains and the sport of MMA.

We don’t know where Brad Tate came from either.